Why Vape?

Why Vaporize?

  • Purity
  • Flavor
  • Effect

The VOLCANO Vaporizer gently heats and never burns, so you get only the pure flavor and aroma. Vaporization is far different from burning because only a fine mist is created, similar to steam. The result is better flavor, increased purity, and greater effect. Experience the advantage!


  • Award Winning Design
  • Quality Construction
  • 3 Year Warranty

The VOLCANO Vaporizer is the best vaporizer because of its superior quality and performance. Tested by customers and proven in the lab, the VOLCANO Vaporizer is built to exceed the demands of daily use. The VOLCANO Vaporizer received the prestigeous Rudolf Eberle Award for innovation in 2003. The VOLCANO is backed by a full 3 Year Warranty against defect.

How it works:

The VOLCANO Vaporizer is a high performance device that creates a variable temperature hot air stream to release the pure flavor and aroma. The vapor is captured in a heat resistant valve balloon to regulate the application. The VOLCANO Vaporizer is proven to be the best because of high quality construction, tested durability, and life long service. The advantage is superior performance and greater efficiency.

Quick Start

1.Turn ON the HEAT and set the temperature.
2.Fill the filling chamber.
3.Place the filling chamber on the VOLCANO and attach the balloon. Turn ON the AIR.
4.Fill the balloon with vapor. Turn OFF the AIR. Remove the valve balloon and filling chamber from the VOLCANO.
5.Attach the mouthpiece and apply the vapor.